Area 51 is a reward token which earns you rewards in $AREA51 and $ALIEN tokens through multiple ways. From auto dividend hourly rewards to earning rewards through challenging games or staking NFTs, Area 51 is a unique place with unique things.

The overall goal of the Area 51 project is to strengthen the community and increase the use cases for its token via a variety of activities, such as NFTs and GameFi.



Exclusive and Premium Area 51 NFTs provide you countless benefits including staking, DAO, special roles, early access, airdrops and more!


Community driven transparent decisions to take Area 51 to new heights. Your opinions matter and Area 51 DAO makes sure that your voices are being heard.


Hold 50,000 $AREA51 tokens minimum in your wallet to earn auto $ALIEN rewards hourly. The more tokens you hold the more rewards you get.


Enjoy multiple games on Area 51 while earning $AREA51 rewards at the same time. Rolling Alien & Exploding Alien, both games are fun, exciting and addictive.

Become a secret Alien agent at Area 51 by holding one of our NFTs to get exclusive rewards and unlock premium features. Becoming a secret agent at Area 51 makes you superior to other Aliens.
Start your journey and discover the secrets of Area 51 with hundreds of other fellow Aliens!




1- $AREA51 is native token of Area 51 project. $AREA51 is a reward token at its core which distributes auto $ALIEN rewards to the holders. Other than this $AREA51 can be used throughout our whole ecosystem and Games.

2- There are multiple ways to earn rewards with $AREA51 token. Holding $AREA51 in your wallet earns you rewards, these auto rewards are directly proportional to the number of transactions. Providing liquidity and staking in yield farms on AlienFi earns you further rewards. You can also play some exciting games on Area 51 to win even more rewards.

3-To start earning $ALIEN auto rewards you need to hold a minimum of 50,000 $AREA51 tokens. Holding more than the minimum amount will earn you more rewards.

4-Yes there is 10% buy tax and 12% sell tax which shapes the reward structure of Area 51.

Buy Tax Breakdown

  • 4% to buy and distribute $ALIEN to Holders
  • 3% to buyback $AREA51
  • 3% to Liquidity

Sell Tax Breakdown

  • 6% to buy and distribute $ALIEN to Holders
  • 3% to buyback $AREA51
  • 3% to Liquidity


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